Turbidity Curtain Set-Up

FAQ: Why is my turbidity curtain not working?

QuestionTriton turbidity curtain does require proper anchoring for project success: I have a Type I Turbidity Curtain and it is not holding back the silt in the river where it is deployed. It is just letting the water pass. Should I get some anchors?

Answer: Thanks for contacting us with your inquiry. We would be happy to help to help with your location. If you are using a Type 1 Turbidity Curtain in an area with moving water, you may using the wrong type of Turbidity Curtain.

The Type 1 curtain is typically used for applications where there is no moving water, such as swales, canals, small ponds, small lakes, or inner harbors.

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If the river you are working in has a current (as it sound like you do) you will need to use a Type 2 Curtain. This type is specifically designed for in-water control of turbidity during dredging activities, pile driving, shoreline stabilization and demolition.

The durable designs of the Type 2 Heavy duty and Type 2 Medium duty (Economy style) make them a contractors project favorite where water conditions are less than 1.5 knots and 36” Wave swells.

Anchoring for the Turbidity Curtains

Anchor systems keep your curtain properly in placeDue to the light weight of the barrier, the Type 1 curtain is typically not used with anchors because it can place excessive weight on the barrier.

If you do choose to upgrade to a Type 2 curtain, anchors can be provided to help keep this barrier in place. These turbidity curtains will have the strength necessary to handle an anchoring systems to keep the unit in place.

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