Silt Fence Inspection

Why Didn't my Silt Fence Pass Inspection?

Question: I installed a silt fence around the perimeter of my site and I left a little room for turtles to pass through, but the inspector said I have to fix it. Why?

Answer: silt fenceThanks for contacting GEI Works with your inquiry. This is a great question regarding Silt Fence. Although your intention is to allow turtles to pass underneath the fence, the spacing is actually keeping you out of compliance with regulations.

The intended purpose of a silt fence is typically to block sediment from breaking the perimeter of the construction zone. Having a gap underneath allows that sediment to pass through just as easily as the turtles. This is most likely why the installed fence did not pass inspection in your location.

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Silt Fence Installation

When installing your silt fence, care should be taken to ensure that the fence is appropriately spaced and free from tears and cracks. The silt fence is specifically designed to create an unbreakable perimeter around your location, allowing it to safely contain sediment and sand build-up.

When installing your silt fence, the stakes need to be at least 1 foot deep in the ground and then it should be backfilled to assure the fence stays upright to do its job. You should check the fence regularly for maintenance, especially after a heavy rain.

If you are dealing with an area around your silt fence that has an especially high amount of built-up sediment, please remove the sediment as it builds up to relieve the pressure around your silt fence.

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