Silt Fence with PVC FabricMade in the USA by GEI Works

Impermeable Silt Fence

staked silt barrier fenceQuestion: I have a project spec for silt fence of 18 oz. nylon reinforced PVC fabric (3000 PSI Test). The silt fence calls for 6' centers, 3' high, and an 8" depth. Is this a typical type 1 silt curtain? Do you sell this product?

Answer: Thank you for contacting us! Yes, we do offer a heavy duty silt fence made from an impermeable PVC fabric material. It helps control silt, sediment and runoff sheet flow. When compared to a standard silt fence, these PVC staked silt barriers feature impermeable fabric (rather than the standard permeable fabric) for increased strength and resistance to high water flows.

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Permeable Silt Fence

Geo silt fence for permeable applications that need to filter stormwaterThe most common Silt Fence is constructed from black woven geotextile fabric. It filters water through the material, helping with sediment and stormwater runoff control. This permeable silt fence is standard and sold by the roll, without stakes.

High Strength Impermeable PVC Silt Fence

As an alternative to standard permeable silt fence, we also offer Triton Staked Silt Barrier. Since your specifications have called for an impermeable material, you are most likely looking for a heavy duty silt fence. The staked silt barrier redirects the flow of water rather than filtering it. It is an effective means of providing stormwater water runoff control.

staked silt barrier for construction sitesStaked Silt Barrier Features:

When compared to standard silt permeable silt fence, impermeable silt fence is better equipped to handle sheet flow and construction site water movement. This helps to contain certain materials to your job site, despite heavy flows.

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