Debris Boom for Jellyfish Made in the USA by GEI Works

Floating Boom for Aquatic Life

Question: Which debris boom would I use if I needed to control aquatic life under the water? I need to stop jelly fish from entering the intake around my power plant.

Orion debris boom has netting to block both floating and slightly submerged aquatic life and floating debrisAnswer: Floating Debris Booms are the perfect way to control floating debris, logs and pollution in your location including jelly fish. When used for this application, barriers have been deployed through several different methods to protect and control pollution. Some of the common ways this boom has been deployed includes the following:

  • Around Aquatic Habitats as a Protection Method
  • Along Shorelines to Limit Debris Spreading
  • Across Openings to Limit Flow into the Area
  • Around Harmful Areas to Limit Pollution Spreading

Regardless of how it is deployed, Orion boom is designed to protect an area by either containing or blocking objects from the secured area.

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Debris Control Below the Water Surface

Orion Net Boom for blocking jelly fish and semi-submerged objectsIf you are looking for additional debris and aquatic life control underneath the surface of the water, another option you could consider is one of our Net Debris Boom for Fish and Debris.

This net barrier will feature the same design as one of our standard barriers, but will additionally include a bottom net. This net will extend down into the water to further contain materials beneath the surface. This can be especially important in locations looking for aquatic life protection as the nets help to prevent aquatic life from swimming into potentially harmful locations.


Questions? We can help. Call us: +1-772-646-0597 or contact us to discuss your project.