Economy and DOT Turbidity Curtain Differences

FAQ: What Are the Differences Between Economy and DOT Curtain?

Triton Turbidity CurtainQuestion: What is the difference between the economy and DOT turbidity curtain? I am looking for a Type 1 Turbidity Curtain with 5' x 100' dimensions, and I am wondering what the difference would be between the turbidity curtain economy and DOT styles.

Are the silt barriers manufactured of different materials or are the attachment systems different? What is the material and weight of the fabric?

Answer: Thank you for asking. The main difference between Type 1 DOT Curtain and Type 1 Economy Curtain is the fabric and the bottom chain. When compared to the economy model, the Type 1 DOT Silt Barrier is manufactured with a thicker fabric and a heavier bottom chain to help meet local standards and DOT regulations in multiple states.

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Turbidity Silt Curtain Construction

Triton Silt BarrierIn terms of the material of turbidity barriers (silt curtains), a majority of our barriers are manufactured with an impermeable PVC fabric that offers high strength for complete containment of silt and turbidity materials. In terms of specifications, the fabric itself will not be different, just the weight of the material. As a quick comparison, the Type 1 Economy will usually feature a 13 oz. PVC fabric, while the Type 1 DOT will have a heavier 18 oz. option.

The attachment systems for multiple Type 1 models will not be different, only the weight of the fabric. Most Type 1 barriers will feature grommet eye attachments that allow for several sections of the turbidity curtain to be connected together using rope or zip ties. For more information on this turbidity barrier, please see our Type 1 Turbidity Curtain Page.

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