What is Silt Fence Made Of?

Silt Fence Construction Made in the USA by GEI Works

Question: What is silt fence made of? I am considering using a silt fence in my location and I was wondering if you could tell me more about the fabric that is used to construct the fence. I am needing something that can control some water and I was wondering if this was capable of filtering the runoff?

Answer: silt fence construction Thank you for contacting GEI Works! The Silt Fence is typically constructed from a woven geotextile filter fabric. This material offers high strength while still providing a level of permeability that allows the water to flow through the fence.

The woven geotextile material is often used for erosion control applications and is well equipped to handle the weight of silt, sand, or sediment that may build up along the edge of your site.

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Silt Fence Installation

To install the silt fence, the woven materials are installed to wooden stakes spaced at regular intervals along the site perimeter. The fence should be entrenched in the ground between the support stakes to create a strong and reliable fencing area to control erosion.

Once installed, you will want to periodically inspect the fence. It is typically recommended that sediment should be removed from the fence once it reaches one third to one half (1/3 to 1/2) the height of the fence. The fence should also be inspected after each rain event to make sure that there are no tears or rips in the fence.

Silt Fence Applications

silt fence around ditch areaThe silt fence is a commonly used product for construction sites, work areas, roads and more. Since you have mentioned that you are specifically looking for something that can control stormwater runoff, there are a couple of factors you may want to additionally consider.

The first would be the level of runoff you are needing to control. The silt fence is typically designed for small flow areas that do not exceed 0.5 cfs. If you are needing to control a higher level of runoff materials, you may want to also consider using the Staked Silt Barrier. This fencing offers the same design, but instead uses an impermeable material to control larger flows.

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