Floating Turbidity Curtain for Dredging

FAQ: What floating curtain is best suited for dredging projects?

EPA and ACE recommend turbidity curtain for dredging project complianceQuestion: I am currently starting a dredging project in a canal. What type of floating turbidity curtain can I use? Is there any turbidity curtain option that is designed specifically for use in a dredging operation?

Answer: Triton Turbidity Curtain is a popular choice for controlling displaced silt and turbidity in dredging projects. Similar to other control projects, turbidity curtains for dredging projects are chosen based on project specifications and environmental conditions.

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Turbidity Curtains for Dredging Operations

Triton turbidity curtain is a best management practice for dredging operationsThe most commonly used turbidity curtain for a dredging operation will be the Type 2 Turbidity Curtain. These turbidity curtains are the workhorse of our curtains and are designed specifically for locations that feature moving water such as a small current or moving waves. Maximum conditions will include a velocity of up to 1 knot and waves up to 2 feet in height.

Additional Turbidity Curtain Options

Triton floating turbidity curtain can be made to your project and environmental specificationsFor turbidity curtains that are being used in locations with faster moving water, Triton Type 3 Turbidity Curtain is also an option. These curtains are designed for locations where water conditions exceed the Type 2 maximum conditions or for projects that are demanding and/or long-lasting. We do also offer a Type 1 option that can be exclusively for calm water locations.

Some information we would need to know in order to determine the best option for your location includes:

  • Water Current/Speed/Velocity
  • Wave/Swell Heights
  • Tidal Fluctuations
  • Wind Speed and Direction
  • Project Duration
  • Silt/Turbidity Expected for Containment

Questions? We can help. Call us: +1-772-646-0597 or contact us to discuss your project.