Type III DOT Compliant Turbidity Curtain

FAQ: What's the lead-time for Type III DOT tubidity curtain?

Type 3 turbidity curtain DOTQuestion: I need a Type III DOT Compliant Turbidity Curtain. Is this something that you supply? If so, what is the cost and how long will it take to get to my location?

Answer: In order to meet your project-specific requirements, we do offer all turbidity curtain types in a DOT compliant model that is built to meet or exceed most state DOT requirements. These turbidity curtains are built from robust materials that allow them to hold up to demanding conditions and requirements.

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Type III Turbidity Curtains

For the specific barrier type that you have requested, the Type III is available in both a DOT and Heavy-Duty model. Both of these models are built to meet DOT requirements. If you have specific requirements or questions regarding the curtain's compliance needs, please feel free to contact your local DOT or send us your specifications so we can build your curtain to meet your requirements.

Turbidity Curtain Cost & Availability

Triton Turbidity curtain by GEI Works in Type 1, 2, and 3 stylesThe cost and availability of your turbidity curtain will depend on the length and depth you require. Typical sections of turbidity curtain come in lengths of either 50 or 100 feet that can be joined together to reach desired lengths for your location.

In terms of depth, the standard depth for all of our curtains is 5 feet. However, curtain depths are often chosen based specifically on your water conditions. When using a turbidity curtain, we typically recommend that the depth of your turbidity curtain sit no more than one foot (1') from the floor of your water location. This helps to ensure that the curtain can meet your specific needs for the duration of your project.

Turbidity Curtain Information Required

In order to provide the most accurate curtain estimate, we will need to know the following information:

  • Skirt Depth Required
  • Required Curtain Length
  • Water Conditions
  • Tidal Influences
  • Project or Site Requirements

We also have marine accessories such as shore anchor cables and tow bridles or 24 pound and 40 pound anchor systems (with or without anchors) available.

Questions? We can help. Call us: +1-772-646-0597 or contact us to discuss your project.