Turbidity Meter

Precision Turbidity Measurement: Same As A Laboratory

Scientist using the turbidity meterTurbidity meter measurement is a turbidity test that determines how suspended materials in water scatter light. For example, high suspended material concentrations result in higher scattered light and higher turbidity measurements. GEI Works' Turbidity Meter is microprocessor based to deliver an extremely high level of accuracy for in-field testing of particle concentration in water bodies. The turbidity meter provides measurements similar to the exact levels you would find in a laboratory.

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Turbidity Testing: A Clear View Into Cloudy Water

Avoid expensive EPA and Stormwater Compliance shut-downs and fines by being proactive in protecting your work-site. The Turbidity Test Meter is only part of the solution. It will measure if your site is in compliance. See below for more detail on the Turbidity Test Meter & Kit.

If your site does have a turbidity problem, we manufacture a wide variety of solutions to help you get back in compliance quickly and affordably. GEI Works is a long-time & premier USA manufacturer of turbidity control products. We make the best priced and most effective turbidity control products on the market (including contractor grade, DOT grade, and Heavy Duty grade products). We'll also work to help you through tough or unusual site situations that may require custom work. If you're not sure which product you need, our customer service experts are happy to help.

type 1 silt curtain

Turbidity Curain

staked silt barrier

Silt Fence

Taurus Dewatering Solutions for Turbidity Control

Dewatering Bags

coir erosion control also help with turbidity

Coir Logs & Mats

Stormwater BMPs reduce turbidity

Stormwater BMPs

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Turbidity Meter Details

Ultratech Turbidity MeterThe water and dust-proof turbidity meter has several built-in features to help with various in-field sediment and high-water flow conditions. It also features an easy to see display. Controls below the display include an On/Off switch and Date, Calibration, and Read buttons.

This turbidity test kit will assist with turbidity measurement compliance for National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) standards required by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This standard addresses water pollution by regulating sources that discharge pollutants to waters in the United States.

Other names for a turbidity meter include terms like turbidity test kit, nephelometer and turbidimeter. A nephelometer measures light scattered at a 90-degree angle to the light beam. Light scattered at other angles may also be measured, but the 90-degree angle defines a nephelometric turbidity measurement. The units of measurement for the EPA method are recorded as nephelometric turbidity units (NTU).

Turbidity meters come with a factory calibration liquid for the full range of measurements when they are purchased. Federal and state guidelines require the testing calibrations be verified and adjusted. Turbidity standards are required for calibration/verification of meters. Most meters are supplied with liquid turbidity solution, such as AMCO8, SDVB (styrene divinyl benzene), or formazin as primary calibration standards.

Turbidity meters and turbidity test kits are used on sites where monitoring of TSS (Total Suspended Solids) is required. Most often, waters being tested for turbid conditions are being controlled with BMP's such as Turbidity Curtains at the testing location.

test your turbidity to stay in complianceTurbidity levels are tested prior to and during construction. Turbidity curtains and other BMP measures must be left in place until the site is in compliance with the accepted levels of turbidity above the existing background NTU's. You will need to have other Best Management Practices (BMP) to control erosion on your site to reduce sediment entry into water bodies on or near the site.

Turbidity Solutions Products by GEI Works:

For any construction site, facility, warehouse, or storage area, having a proper filtration process is essential to keeping your site in compliance with local and federal stormwater control regulations. Filter socks are one example of a proactive stormwater BMP utilized in managing site runoff. While many sites choose to place construction BMPs directly inside the drain, filter socks go one step further to filter runoff at the source. This method addresses and controls pollution before it even reaches the drain system.

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