Turbidity Curtains for Wetland Protection Made in the USA by GEI Works

Protection During Drilling Near Wetlands

Turbidity Curtain for wetland proectionQuestion: Hello. I need turbidity curtains for wetland protection. We will be drilling near a wetland and want to help protect the area. I was wondering if you had any barriers with a permeable fabric?

Answer: Thank you for contacting us! We do offer several different types of silt barriers that are designed to help with wetland protection and silt control in your area. These barriers are available in three different types that are chosen based on your location's water velocity, wind speed, wave frequency, or project requirements. All barriers come with a top flotation device, bottom skirt, and section connectors.

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Silt Barrier Options

The silt barrier, also referred to as a turbidity curtain, is available in three different types. Choosing the correct barrier type for your location often depends on several different factors including water velocity and other site requirements. As a general guide, the following items are typically considered before the start of project:

  • Water Velocityturbidity curtains for wetland reclammation
  • Wave Conditions (includes wave heights and frequency)
  • Tides
  • Wind Conditions (wind speed and direction)
  • Length of your Project
  • Type of Soil your are Trying to Contain
  • Other Site Specific Requirements

Choosing a barrier is often based significantly on your water conditions in your area. The following is a typical guideline as to how and where each type is used:

Type 1: The type 1 silt barrier is lowest level of control and is used only in locations with calm water conditions. These locations can include small lakes, ponds, or swales.

Type 2: The type 2 silt barrier is the medium grade barrier and is used for various moving water conditions. It has been used for dredging, marine construction, demolition work, and other control operations.

Type 3: The Type 3 silt barrier is the strongest barrier offered and is designed for locations with extremely rough or fast moving conditions. It has also been used in projects that will require control of a significant amount of turbidity or silt.

Barrier Fabric

In terms of fabric, these turbidity curtains for wetland protection can be designed with either a permeable or impermeable fabric. A permeable curtain will be constructed with silt filter panels that run along the bottom of the skirt. These panels will help to filter out silt, while still allowing water to flow through the barrier.

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