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FAQ: What's needed for installing turbidity curtain?

Turbidity curtain for reclamation projectQuestion: Hello. I am in need of a turbidity curtain for reclamation work. I will be working in a sea channel that is approximately 12 m deep and 3 km long. I am wondering what kind of costs I am looking at for this barrier and what kind of installation materials I might require.

Answer: Since you have mentioned that this reclamation will be in a sea channel area, you are probably looking at a requirement of either a Type 2 or a Type 3 barrier. These model types are designed specifically for areas with moving water and have an increasingly durable design for locations with an increased water flow or wave actions.

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Turbidity Curtain Choices

In order to choose between the Type 2 and the Type 3 barrier option, there is information you might consider in making this choice. Some of these considerations will include the following:

  • Turbidity curtain containing siltSpecific Water Conditions including:
    • How fast is the water following?
    • How often are there waves in the areas?
    • How tall are these waves?
    • Are there any tides?

  • Specific Site Conditions including:
    • Is there wind? If so, how fast and in what direction?
    • What type of silt are you trying to contain?
    • What potential debris will need containment during the reclamation project?

Turbidity Curtain Costs

In order to determine the costs of your barrier, we will need to know the exact sizing requirements necessary for your location. This will include the exact length needed, as well as the exact depth.

  • Lengths: Typical lengths for a section of a barrier will include materials that are either fifty or one hundred feet in length. These sections will be joined together during an installation process to meet your specific length.

  • Depths: The depth of your barrier will vary depending on your site's water conditions. It is usually advised that the barrier sits about 12 inches from the bottom. Since you have mentioned that your area is about 12 meters in depth (about 40 feet), you will probably want a depth around 38 or 39 feet.

Turbidity Curtain Installation

Triton turbidity curtain installation

Installation for a turbidity barrier for reclamation will vary depending on your specific site or area location. In general, silt barrier installation information can be found on the Turbidity Curtain Installation Page. This should include a 3-step procedure for connecting barrier sections as well as a picture guide.

Please feel free to also check out our Marine Accessories. This will include various anchors used during a barrier anchoring process, as well as tow bridles.

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