Turbidity Curtain for Dredging Barges Made in the USA by GEI Works

FAQ: Does turbidity curtain work for dredging containment too?

Question: I saw you have a turbidity curtain for barges and I am interested in learning more about this product. How does it contain silt? Is it designed exactly the same as a standard silt barrier?

barge deckAnswer: The Barge Silt Barrier is a uniquely designed product that has been constructed specifically to contain silt around dredging barges or decks.

Since these decks most typically feature a dredging hole that goes directly through the center of deck, silt barriers have been built to line the sides around the deck to contain silt and sediment to a specific area.

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Barge Silt Barrier Construction

The barge dredging silt barrier will be constructed extremely similar to a standard turbidity barrier, with the exception of a top flotation device. This device will not be present in a barge silt barrier, as the top of the barrier is designed to be attached directly to the deck.

For complete information regarding the style and design of this barrier, please feel free to check out the Barge Silt Barrier Flyer.

Every barrier will typically contain the following components:

  • PVC Fabric Skirts (should extend to almost the depth of your water location)
  • Steel Ballast Chains
  • Tension Cables

Basically, this pollution control device used for barriers will function similar to a standard silt barrier, but with the following differences:

  • barge silt barrierInstalled to Deck: This barrier should surround your entire deck area. Since the dredging area is located directly in the center of the deck, barriers are usually installed around all four sides of the deck to contain displaced materials to that specific area.
  • Furling Lines: These barriers may be additionally equipped with furling lines that allow the skirt to be adjusted to the appropriate levels.
  • No Top Flotation Device: Since this turbidity curtain for barges will not be placed in the water, there is no need for a top flotation device.
  • Sediment Removal: The primary benefit of this type of barrier is the fact that displaced materials during dredging can be almost completely contained to a small area. These sediments have been removed after dredging is complete through the deck top.

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