Type 1 Turbidity Barriers

FAQ: What Silt Curtains Are Best for Turbidity Control in a Pond?

Triton turbidity barriersQuestion: I am looking for silt and turbidity barriers I can use in a calm water pond to control the levels of turbidity while we do work around the edge. Do you have this? What are the specs or sizes for this product?

Answer: Thank you for contacting us! For calm water turbidity control applications, typically customers choose to use our Type 1 Silt Barrier. Our economical silt curtains can help contain sediment and silt along the edges of your pond for improved environmental turbidity control.

Type 1 Turbidity Barriers come in both economy and DOT versions. The economy version can help control turbidity for short term projects or areas where there will be a limited amount of turbidity. The DOT version is made with slightly thicker materials and is designed to keep you in compliance with location or federal regulations.

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Type 1 Silt Barrier Sizes

silt barrierThe Type 1 Turbidity Barriers can be custom made in almost any length or depth depending on your specific project needs or requirements. Typically, our standard sizes are sections that are either 50 or 100 feet in length and 5 feet in width.

If you do have special requirements, specifications, or know the exact size you will need for your silt barrier, please give us a call. Barriers are designed to be flexible and help meet your specific area needs.

Type 1 Silt Barrier Specifications

The standard design for the type 1 silt barrier contains a flotation device, grommet tie sections, and a steel ballast chain. Typical specs you would find on the DOT version of this barrier include:

  • 18 oz. Impermeable Reinforced Fabric
  • Heavy Duty 1/4" Galvanized Steel Ballast Chain
  • 6" Marine Grade Flotation Device on Top (other sizes may be required depending on the depth of your skirt)
  • Standard Color is Yellow for Increased Visibility

Standard Turbidity Barrier Uses

silt curtains for turbidity controlThe type 1 barrier has been used in many different calm water applications including:

  • Calm Water Canals
  • Ponds
  • Lakes
  • Inner Harbors
  • Swales

Questions about silt curtains or turbidity control? We can help. Call us at +1-772-646-0597 or contact us to discuss your project.