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Type 1 Turbidity Barrier for Calm Water Control

Triton Type 1 Turbidity BarrierTriton's Type 1 Turbidity Barrier is designed to keep construction sites in compliance by containing sediment and forcing it to settle to the bottom of a body of water.

Water conditions suitable for the Type 1 barrier should have little movement and a water velocity less than one foot per second. There should also only be light wind exposure.

Common locations for Type 1 turbidity barrier include ponds, shallow lakes, small streams, and marshes. Turbidity curtain can also be used as a BMP to restrict runoff on construction sites.

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Choosing Your Type 1 Turbidity Barrier

floating turbidity barrierChoosing the best turbidity barrier for your site will mean asking yourself several questions about the location where you'd like to deploy your barrier.

  • Is the water moving in the location, either through waves or wind?

If the water is calm in your desired location, then the Type 1 turbidity barrier is what you'd need.

  • What's the water depth of the location?

Knowing how deep the water is will determine what length of turbidity curtain you'll need. This will ensure your turbidity curtain doesn't fail because it's too short or too long.

  • What's the duration of your project and does it need to meet DOT specifications?

If the project you're planning needs to meet certain requirements by the DOT then you'll be best off with our Type 1 DOT turbidity curtain, made of heavy duty 18 oz. PVC.

Standard Lengths for Type 1 Turbidity Barrier

The standard length for this floating silt curtain is 50 feet, although sizes up to 100 feet are also available. Standard skirt depths for these barriers are 3 feet, 5 feet, or 10 feet, but custom sizes are also available.

Making sure your turbidity barrier has the correct skirt depth is incredibly important in ensuring it works correctly and effectively. If your barrier's skirt is too short, it could allow sediment to filter underneath, ruining the containment practices. Conversely, if your barrier skirt is too long, it could potentially get snagged on the bottom of the body of water, tearing or dragging the whole curtain into the water.

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Floating Silt Curtain: Type 1 DOT and Type 1 Economy

floating silt curtainType 1 DOT Floating Turbidity Barrier is the DOT compliant version of this silt barrier. These models are designed meet or exceed most state and federal regulations. Please check with your local departments to verify compliance with your regulations.

Type 1 Economy Floating Turbidity Barrier is the economical version of this curtain. They are constructed with lighter components and may meet your state's specifications. Economy barriers are ideal for short-term projects for less demanding conditions.

The difference between the DOT barrier and Economy barrier model is the thickness and durability of the fabric used to make the curtain. The Type 1 DOT barrier 18 oz. PVC fabric while the Economy curtain uses 13 oz. PVC fabric.

Type 1 Floating Silt Curtain Installation Made Easy

Installing your Type 1 Barrier properly means ensuring that the anchoring is secure to avoid breaches in the barrier. One way to ensure effective anchoring is by using anchor kits. Although the Type 1 barriers are used in calm waters, effective anchoring is still necessary. To redistribute loads on your barrier, anchor kits will give you the right pattern and install design.

See our Floating Silt Curtain Installation Guide for comprehensive, step-by-step instructions.

Type 1 Turbidity Barrier Advantages

type 1 turbidity curtainType 1 turbidity barriers are extremely effective for compliance with regulations. They're easy to connect and install, and they provide an economic way to control sediment in calm waters. Having the right accessories will set your Type 1 floating turbidity barrier apart in its effectiveness. Add-ons like anchor kits can increase your barrier's reach too.

Other turbidity barrier accessories:

  • Buoys
  • Marker Lights
  • Tow Bridles

USA Manufacturer of Turbidity Barriers

We manufacture our floating turbidity barriers in the USA, customized for each client's needs. DOT regulations vary from state-to-state, but we'll work with you to make sure your floating turbidity barrier meets requirements and keeps your business in compliance. Contact us with your project specifications, and we can manufacture our Type 1 floating turbidity barrier to meet your needs.

Questions about our Type 1 turbidity barriers? We can help. Call us: 1-772-646-0597 or contact us to discuss your project.