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Tips on How to Install a Turbidity Curtain

How to install turbidity curtain
: Do you have any tips on installing a turbidity curtain? We are starting our project soon, and I would like to be sure that I have as much information as possible.

Answer: Thanks for contacting us! We'd be happy to provide you with information on Turbidity Curtain Installation. We do offer several informational pages regarding a turbidity curtain install and are happy to work with you to determine the best installation procedure for your location.


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Turbidity Curtain Install

installing turbidity curtainThe first thing to remember when installing a turbidity curtain is to keep the bottom skirt tied to the top flotation. When a curtain is shipped from the factory, each section of the barrier should be bundled separately. These bundles should be secured with vinyl strap and placed on pallets, boxes or placed directly into a commercial truck or container.

Additionally, the skirt for this curtain should be reefed or furled up to the flotation through the use of light twine. While bundle ties may be cut in order to join sections of the barrier together, install will be easier if the twine lines are not cut until the curtain has been towed to its proper location.


Turbidity Curtain 3 Step Procedure

Before you begin the following steps, it is best to move your curtain out to an open space area to allow for adequate room to place and connect sections of the curtain. After this has been done, you can begin our recommended 3 Step Procedure.

  • atach turbidity curtain using snap hookSTEP 1: Attach the bottom chain of the silt curtain via shackle or snap hook for section one to the bottom chain or ring of section 2.

  • STEP 2: Slide together the aluminum extrusion end connectors of your type 2 or 3 turbidity curtain (Skip this step for type 1 silt screens). Insert the toggle pin.

  • STEP 3: Use the rope ties or heavy duty zip ties to tie one grommet eye of one silt barrier section to the aligned eye of the mating section. Repeat for entire skirt depth.

Please also reference our turbidity barrier installation picture gallery.

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Questions? We can help. Call us: +1-772-646-0597 or contact us to discuss your project.