Scour Countermeasure Turbidity Curtain

FAQ: Will turbidity curtain work in shallow water?

Question: I am managing a scour countermeasure job that requires 300 linear feet of turbidity barrier. The depth is only a few feet. What are the widths of your turbidity curtains? What are the depths? Do you have anything that can work for only a few feet?

Triton turbidity curtainAnswer: Thank you for your inquiry. The Type 1 Turbidity Curtain would be a great choice for this type of project. We offer two different versions of this silt barrier, a DOT, and an Economy model. These styles provide a DOT strength option for projects that require a barrier that meets Department of Transportation (DOT) restrictions, as well as an
Economy model for those jobs that do not require barriers specified to DOT standards.


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Type 1 Turbidity Curtain Specification

Triton turbidity barrier for on water construction jobsRegardless of the type barrier that you are using, each section will have several standard options for sizing both in terms of length and depth. Standard sizing for the barriers will typically be either 50 or 100 feet in length and 5 feet depth. Depending on how shallow your location is, you may also want to consider using something shorter. The shortest depth we offer is three feet (3').

When using a turbidity curtain you will typically want to the length of your skirt to allow the barrier to sit about one foot from the floor of your water location. If you are uncertain if this could work in your location, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your project, location or requirements.

Additional Sizing and Specifications

Both of these turbidity curtains are available in custom sizes that can be constructed to fit your exact project area. The DOT model will meet most state requirements, while the economy model will be made with slightly lighter materials and may not meet your state's requirements.

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Questions? We can help. Call us: +1-772-646-0597 or contact us to discuss your project.