Turbidity Curtain for Fast Moving Waters

Silt Barriers for Demanding Water Conditions Made in the USA by GEI Works

Question: I need a turbidity curtain for fast moving waters, about 6 feet per second. Which silt barrier should I use?

turbidity curtain for fast moving waterAnswer: Thank you for contacting us! For rough or fast moving waters, we would recommend using the Type 3 Silt Barrier. This strength of silt curtain is designed to handle a higher flow of water and silt and will help ensure that your turbidity barrier is as effective as possible.

While this silt barrier is designed to handle water velocity that is above five feet per second, there are always several things you should take into consideration when determining what turbidity barrier to use.

As a general guideline, you should look at not only your water velocity, but also the strength of wind flow in your area, the type of sediment that will be collecting in your barrier, and the duration of your project. Taking all your site conditions into consideration will allow you to make the best choice possible on how to control silt and sediment.

This particular turbidity barrier is manufactured with material that has a high level of strength. As fast moving waters with sediment can create a lot of pressure to your barrier, 20% of the standard material on this curtain has been replaced with polypropylene filter fabric. This type of manufacturing will still allow for proper collection and retaining of sediment while still allowing for a small release of pressure.

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