Turbidity Curtain for Small Dredging Project

FAQ: Is Type 2 Turbidity Curtain Reusable When Dredging?

turbidity curtain for small dredging projectQuestion: I have a small dredge operation coming up this summer in a lagoon. Water is pretty calm so I think your Type 2 curtain would work well for the project. I would need about 300 feet at a maximum depth of 5 feet.

Right now I am putting budget costs together, so I am looking for prices and suggestions for my application. Would this material stand up for multiple deployments? Do you have the turbidity curtains in stock? This project is later in the year so when it comes time to order, are there any special instructions I need?

Answer: Thank you for your inquiry regarding our turbidity curtains for your various dredging operations. The Type 2 Turbidity Curtain is an excellent choice for applications that require control and containment in your location. These are typically used in areas where the water current is not higher than 1.5 knots and wave heights are not above three feet (3').

Turbidity curtains can be reused if properly cleaned and checked prior to redeployment. If your curtain was previous in contact with contaminated dredged materials, decontaminating your curtain will ensure your site stays in compliance. Also, make sure your turbidity curtain is free from damage. A Vinyl Repair Kit will enable you to fix minor issues and avoid major curtain failures. Read our Repair Instructions for fixing Type 2 turbidity curtain.

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Choosing the Right Turbidity Curtain

Determining the appropriate curtain for your site will depend on water conditions, location, winds, tides, soil quality, and project time frame.

When installing your turbidity curtain, lay out the sections and connect them before placing the curtain in the water. Standard instructions on installation of these curtains can be found on our Turbidity Curtain Installation Page.

Maintaining Your Type 2 Turbidity Curtain

turbidity curtain in dredging areaMaintaining your curtain means regularly checking for tears or rips in the material and keeping an eye on the conditions in which your curtain is being employed. As severe weather approaches, your turbidity curtain should be removed from the area so as not to damage or its anchoring.

Marine materials and debris should regularly be cleaned from the connectors, buoys, mooring lines, and tidal compensators. By regularly maintaining your curtain, you can prolong its life and keep your site in compliance.

Other maintenance requirements:

  • Clean the build of dredged material around the bottom of the curtain.
  • Fix dislodged anchors and buoys.
  • Keep accurate turbidity measurements with a Turbidity Meter.

Type 2 Curtains Are Suitable for Reuse

type 2 turbidity curtainOur USA-manufactured turbidity curtains are constructed from robust, impermeable PVC fabrics and can be used in multiple deployment applications.

As long as the curtain doesn't get caught on any sharp objects at the dredging area, it should be able to last for a few seasons. You may see some discoloration on the curtain, but that should not affect its containment.

If you are planning on using these turbidity curtains in multiple dredging areas, you may also consider cleaning or washing the curtains prior to reuse in a different dredging area. Keeping a careful eye on the state of your curtain will determine its success in the water. A damaged turbidity curtain could mean containment failure and costly environmental fines.

Type 2 Turbidity Curtain Accessories and Essential Anchoring Equipment

turbidity curtain anchoring equipmentWhen using the Type 2 turbidity curtain in your dredging operations, additional items and installation instructions are highly recommended.

Other essential accessories to use with your Type 2 turbidity curtain:

  • Tow bridles
  • Anchor kits
  • Buoys
  • Marker lights
  • Reefing lines

Keeping in compliance with dredging operations means using a durable turbidity barrier that's able to be customized to your specific site's needs. Every dredging project is different, requiring unique solutions to keep job sites in compliance with environmental regulations.

Because we manufacture our turbidity curtains in the USA, we know what goes into successful containment on a job site. We can work with you to make any type of turbidity curtain specific to your needs.

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