Turbidity Barrier for Pile Extraction Project

FAQ: Will Turbidity Barrier Keep Pile Extraction Compliant?

Triton turbidity barrier contains sediment in the water until it settlesQuestion: My client is starting a pile extraction project, but needs a turbidity barrier to stay in compliance. Can your standard turbidity barriers work for this application?

Answer: For pile extraction, both a standard or specialty barrier could be used to help with this process. Depending on your application and project needs, different turbidity barriers may be more equipped than others at handling piling extraction in your location.

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Standard Turbidity BarriersMade in the USA by GEI Works

For our standard turbidity barrier, such as the Type 2 Floating Barrier, the design of the barrier includes a top flotation device, bottom skirt, bottom chain, and impermeable control fabric. This can be installed around the entire work are to help control turbidity and displaced silt that occurs from removing item such as pilings. These barriers can be made in sections that are either 50 or 100 feet in length for complete containment around your pile extraction area.

Specialty Pile Protection and Extraction Barriers

In addition, we can also build project-specific turbidity barriers that can fit directly around pilings, such as our Piling Protection Barriers and Pile Extraction Barriers.

  • pile extraction barriersPile Protection Barriers: Piling protection barriers (shown right) are a unique barrier designed to fit directly around pilings. These barriers are often used during pile cleaning or repair to control and contain materials.

  • Pile-protection-floating-containmentPile Extraction Barriers: Piling extraction barriers, by contrast, are a uniquely designed barrier with the goal of fitting directly around piling. As the piling is removed, this barrier is designed to completely contain displaced materials on and around the piling.

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