Silt Fence Slurry Flow Rate

FAQ: What slurry flow rate can a silt fence handle?

silt fenceQuestion: What slurry flow rate can the material used on your silt fence withstand?

Answer:Our Silt Fence is made with geotextile fabrics such as polypropylene, nylon, or polyester. Each fabric that is used for the silt fence must five different minimum requirements. Among these requirements is a minimum slurry flow rate of 0.3 gallons per square feet per minute (0.3 gal/ft2/min).

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Some other requirements that these fabrics must meet include a minimum filtering efficiency of 75-85% and a minimum ultraviolet radiation allowance of 90%. All of these requirements are designed to help your fence maintain a solid and firm structure while stored outdoors and in constant contact with with various different sediments.

Requirements for your specific state or area may be slightly different so you should also check with your local regulatory agency to make sure that you are in compliance.

Staked Silt Barrier for Increased Water Flow

Staked Silt BarrierIf you are looking for something that handle increased water flows, another option you can consider is the Staked Silt Barrier. This barrier is designed with an impermeable fabric option that can handle water up to 30 inches. This has helped to control sheet flow, high level runoff, and stormwater around your site. These barriers are frequently used to direct runoff off of the site, to retention ponds or to other water storage areas.

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