Silt Fencing

Construction Silt Fence Barriers

Silt Fencing is an easy choice for perimeter control, silt containment and erosion prevention around your job site or construction area. Available in standard, wire backed, safety and impermeable models, these barriers provide superior strength when it's needed most. Most models are sold by the roll and some are subject to pallet quantities.

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Silt Fence - Technical Specifications

Product Flyer Silt Barrier Flyer (pdf)

Standard Roll Sizes (W x L):
(50 gram, 70 gram and 100 gram)

3' x 100'
3' x 330'
Sold with Stakes or By the Roll
Wire Back Fence 3' x 100'
3' x 330'
Orange Safety Barriers 4' x 100'
4' x 300'
4' x 100' with stakes

Standard Silt Fencing

One of the most commonly used silt barriers is the Standard Woven Silt Fence. Made with a woven fabric material, this fencing is staked into place around the perimeter of a site or construction area. This effectively contains displaced materials and helps with sediment control during work.

silt fencingFabric Options

  • Economy Fabric (50 gram)
  • Contractor Grade Fabric (70 gram)
  • DOT Grade Fabric (100 gram)

Standard Silt Fencing models are available in either fabric only or pre-staked rolls.

Wire Back Silt Fence

The Wire Back Fence, sometimes referred to as the super fence, offers additional strength for locations with tough erosion or sediment control requirements. Wire back fencing can be made with several different wire options including 12.5 awg, 14.5 awg, 12.5 DOT field wire, and 14.5 field wire (both DOT and standard models). This helps to control materials and keep you within DOT regulations.

Wire Options

  • wire back silt fenceWelding Wire 12.5 awg 2x4
  • Welding Wire 14.5 awg 2x4
  • Welding Wire 14.5 awg 4x4
  • 12.5 DOT Field Wire
  • 14.5 Field Wire
  • 14.5 DOT Field Wire

The wire back fence is the perfect choice for areas needing extra reinforcement.

Orange Safety Barriers

Orange Safety Silt Barriers are used to line and protect locations where construction work or other hazardous materials are located. Their orange color and robust material provide a warning to customers that the area is dangerous. Barriers are available in both a woven and plastic material and can include built-in posts.

Options include:

  • orange safety fencePlastic Safety Fence with 5' Metal T-Post or Hard Wood Stakes
    • 4' x 100'
  • Orange Woven Barriers
    • 4' x 100'
    • 4' x 300'
    • 4' x 100' with Pre-Attached Hard Wood Stakes
  • Orange Diamond Safety Fence
    • 4' x 100'

Staked Silt Fencing

staked silt barriersFor areas dealing with increased sheet flow or runoff, Staked Silt Barriers can provide the added strength and stability necessary for controlling sheet flow and retaining sediment. Made from impermeable PVC materials, these silt barriers are strong enough to redirect sheet flows and control the dispersion of materials around your site.

If you have questions please don't hesitate to call us at 1-772-646-0597 or request a price quote.