Silt Fences for Construction Sites

Silt and Sediment Control Fencing

Question: I am interested in silt fences that you can use for sediment control around your construction site. Do you sell this type of product? If so, what models do you have available?

silt fenceAnswer: In terms of silt fencing, we offer several different models that can help to control and contain sediment in your location. The standard design of our silt fence will include a geotextile fabric that features stakes located periodically along the fence. Fabric and fence material are available in three different models:

  • Economy Grade (50 gram)
  • Contractor Grade (70 gram)
  • DOT Grade (100 gram)

This fabric can be sold by the roll or in rolls that feature pre-attached stakes. The most common stake option will be wooden stakes, however, metal T posts are also available.

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Advantages of using Silt Fencing

  • silt fenceProvides Effective Barrier around Sediment, Soil, and Silt
  • Filters out Sediment during Rain Events
  • Keeps Sediment Contained
  • Functions as a BMP to keep you in Compliance and Keep your Site Clean
  • Helps Prevent Erosion
  • Cost Effective Sediment Control

Additional Silt Fencing Options

In addition to the standard silt control fence model featured above, we also offer several additional styles for sites with increased silt or sediment demands. Options include the following:

  • wire backed silt fenceWire Back Silt Fence
    • Roll Sizes:
      • 3' x 100'
      • 3' x330'

  • Orange Safety Barrier
    • Roll Sizes:
      • 4' x 100'
      • 4' x 300'

Each of the fencing materials featured here can be used to to safely and effectively contain silt and sediment to your location.

Silt Fence Facts

  • Maximum Life Expectancy: 6 months
  • silt fence productsWooden Stake Requirements: at least 5 ft. long
    • at least 2" in diameter if using oak
    • at least 4" in diameter if using a softer wood (such as pine)
  • Metal Posts can also be used
    • Minimum weight: 1 to 1.33 lbs/linear foot
  • Post Spacing:
    • Using Standard Strength Fabric with Wire Mesh: no more than 10 ft. apart
    • Using Extra Strength Fabric without Wire Mesh: no more than 6 ft. apart


  • Frequent inspection for Tears and Gaps
  • Should be inspected after each Rainfall Event
  • Sediment should be removed from Fence Base when it reaches one-third to one-half the height of the Fence

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