Silt Drain Guard

FAQ: Do drain guard fiters need regular maintainance?

silt drain guardQuestion: I am wondering if you have an oil and sediment drain guard bmp product that installs to your catch basin. If so, does using this product mean that you never have to clean out the basin or inspect it?

Answer: For filtering and containment of materials such as silt, sediment, and oil, we offer a variety of different Stormwater BMPs that can be used on drains and in catch basins. Maintenance and containment of these products will depend on the type of drain filter you use and how much material you are needing to contain.

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Oil and Sediment Drain Guards

The standard drain guard used for this type of containment is the Catch Basin Storm Drain Guard. This BMP contains a witches' hat design that allows guards to sit in the drain and collect oil and sediment that flows into the basin.

As these materials flow into the drain, sediment and silt will be stored within the containment area while oil is absorbed by filtering material or strips (dependant upon the model used).

Drain Guard Maintenance

While drain guards are often used for several months they do have specific filtering and containment limits. Maximum amounts for different oil and sediment drain guards can be found below:

  • Oil and Sediment Model
    • Oil: 0.87 gallons
    • Sediment: 40 pounds
  • Oil and Sediment Plus Model (with X-tex strips in containment area)
    • Oil: 1.38 gallons
    • Sediment: 40 pounds
  • Ultimate Model (X-tex strips in containment area and along the bottom)
    • Oil: 1.57 gallons
    • Sediment: 40 pounds

Once these maximum conditions have been reached, drain guards will need to be removed or properly disposed of in designated disposal areas.

Drain Guard Recommendations

Under normal conditions, the oil and silt drain guard can be expected to last anywhere from three to six months. In heavy flow areas, this lifespan may be reduced. Like any stormwater BMP, these drain guards should also be inspected on a regular basis to make sure they are performing correctly. This will be especially important after rain events.

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