Silt Fence

Silt Erosion Control Fence for Construction Site

silt fenceQuestion: I need silt fencing for a small drainage area on my construction site. Do you have anything like this available? What is the fabric used? Thank You.

Answer: Thank you for contacting us! We do offer a Silt Fence that would be able to work for you a small drainage area on your construction site. These erosion control fences are installed around your site through the use of stakes and work to control and filter stormwater runoff. Typically, roll sizes will include heights of 3' and lengths of either 100' or 330'. Please let us know which length you would prefer when ordering your roll.

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Typical Silt Fencing Options

Silt fencing is offered with either built-in stakes that will be installed periodically throughout the fence or as plain fabric rolls. Depending on your application and the available materials in your area, different models can work better than others. Silt fencing options can also include a wire back silt fence model for additional strength on your site.

Silt Erosion Control Fence Construction and Applications

The silt erosion control fence will typically be constructed using a woven geotextile material. Some of the common materials used for these fences include a polypropylene, nylon or polyester fabric. If you have a specific fabric in mind, please let us know and we can see if this is an available material option.

staked silt barrierThe silt erosion control fence can be used in several different areas to control drainage and water flow. Please note that the fencing material should only be placed in low-level flow areas where the drainage does not exceed 0.5 cfs. If you are looking for something that can handle a flow level above this amount, you may instead want to try our Staked Silt Barrier. This fencing will have thicker fabric and is equipped to handle higher water flows. USEPA (1993) reports the following effectiveness ranges for this fencing constructed of filter fabric that are properly installed and well maintained: Average total suspended solids removal of 70 percent, sand removal of 80 to 90 percent, silt-loam removal of 50 to 80 percent, and silt-clay-loam removal of 0 to 20 percent. Removal rates are highly dependent on local conditions and installation.

If you have questions please don't hesitate to call us at +1-772-646-0597 or request a price quote.