Silt Erosion Control Fencing

FAQ: What Options are Available for Erosion Control Fence?

silt erosion control fenceQuestion: I am looking for Silt Erosion Control Fencing and was wondering what different options were available. I saw on your site that the silt erosion control fence is available in a couple of different options and I wasn't sure what the differences were between them.

Answer: The silt fence is available in several different styles depending on your silt control requirements. The four standard models available for silt and sediment fencing include:

  • Standard Silt Fence
  • Wire Back Silt Fence
  • Orange Safety Construction Fence
  • Staked Silt Barrier

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Standard Silt Fence Models

For the standard silt fence, material is typically sold by the roll the and can be shipped with pre-attached stakes or sold just as a fabric roll. Standard Silt Fence is available in three different strengths:standard silt fence

  • Economy Grade: 50 gram
  • Contractor Grade: 70 gram
  • DOT Grade: 100 gram

Depending on your site requirements, different models may be better equipped than others to provide you with the erosion and silt control needed for your site. Typical roll sizes include 3' x 100' and 3' x 330'.

Wire Back Silt Fence

Designed for more demanding applications, the wire back silt fence is also available to help control silt in your location. These fencing rolls will feature standard material that has been backed with wire. Wire Back Silt Fence options include:

  • wire back silt fenceWelding Wire 12.5 awg 2x4
  • Welding Wire 14.5 awg 2x4
  • Welding Wire 14.5 awg 2x4
  • 12.5 DOT Field Wire
  • 14.5 Field Wire
  • 14.5 DOT Field Wire

Similar to the first fencing option, this model is sold in 3' x 100' or 3' x 330' roll sizes.

Orange Safety Construction Fence

An orange safety construction fence effectively blocks off areas and working sites. The Orange Safety Fence is available in the following options:orange safety construction fence

  • Woven Barriers
  • Diamond Safety Barrier
  • Plastic Orange Barrier

Unlike the other silt fence models, the orange fencing is sold in a standard size of 4' x 100' with options for 4' x 300' also available.

Staked Silt Barrier

staked silt barrierStaked Silt Barrier uses an impermeable PVC material, rather than woven materials used by the other types of silt fence. It helps to control sheet flow by directing the flow of water, and it can be used alongside the other types of erosion control fences. Staked Silt Barrier meets US DOT requirements and includes these specifications:

  • 13 oz., 18 oz., and 22 oz. PVC fabric
  • Available in 100 ft. rolls
  • 44.5 in. standard height

For more information on our range of silt erosion control fence models, please see our Silt Fencing page.

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