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Barrier to Help Control Runoff

Staked silt barrier for stormwater runoff directionQuestion: I need a silt barrier to put on land. We are working on a road and expect rain to come in. I need something to help direct the water runoff into a collection pond.

Answer: Rainfall events can be a steady problem for construction sites and locations where there is a significant amount of silt and sediment. Rather than a floating silt barrier, the best option to use in this location is typically either a Silt Fence or a Staked Silt Barrier. Both are designed as a staked silt control product that can be easily installed around the perimeter for construction sites.

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Erosion Control Silt Fence

One of the most common options for this type of erosion control and containment in the Silt Fence. Typically made from a woven geotextile material, these fences are designed to contain sediment while still allowing water to filter through the location.

erosion control silt fenceSilt Fence standard options:

  • DOT and Standard Silt Fence
  • Wire Back Silt Fence
  • Roll Sizes: 3 ft. height and 100 or 330 ft. lengths
  • Small Amounts of Stormwater Runoff

The erosion control silt fence is a standard BMP for this type erosion control. While this type of silt fence can be used for runoff materials, it will work best if used directly for low-flow areas. As a general rule of thumb, the silt fence should not be used in runoff areas that exceed 0.5 cfs.

Staked Silt Barrier

If you are a looking for something a little bit higher in strength, another great option is the Staked Silt Barrier. This barrier will be designed from the same materials used for the floating silt barrier, but will replace the floats and bottom chains with stakes. This helps to create a high-strength water containment barrier that can operate directly on land.

staked silt barrierStandard specifications found for the staked silt barrier includes the following:

  • 18 oz Reinforced Impermeable PVC
  • Standard length is 100' (1500'/pallet)
  • Section and Stake Connections are Nylon ties which are supplied 50 each/100' roll
  • Size is 44.5" Wide
  • Color Safety Yellow

The staked silt barrier to direct runoff is extremely effective when installed correctly to control water flow across your site and direct it to a sediment settling pond or retention basin, prior to discharge off your site. These are excellent BMP's (Best Management Practices) for along road side ditches, shallow marshes and lakes where a floating turbidity curtain, floating silt barrier or traditional silt fence would not work well.

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