Silt Barrier Specifications

Specifications for Type 1 Silt BarriersMade in the USA by GEI Works

Triton Type 1 DOT Silt BarrierQuestion: I am bidding on a DOT project that has some stream areas. I need to get specifications and a quote on a Type 1 Silt Barrier so I can enter my bid. Can you please tell me how I can get this quote? Also, is only the DOT model compliant for DOT applications or does the economy also meet these specifications?

Answer: As you have mentioned, the Type 1 Silt Barrier comes in both a DOT and Economy model. The main difference between these two models will be in terms of the DOT compliance. Economy models are typically designed for areas or projects that are not requiring a barrier that meets DOT specification. Since you are looking for a barrier that can be used on a DOT project, we do recommend that you use the DOT model which will meet or exceed most state DOT requirements.

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Type 1 DOT Specifications

Triton Silt Barrier Specifications require anchoringThis Type 1 barrier is one of the most durable and economical options available and will typically include the following specifications in its design:

  • 6" Marine Grade Flotation
  • 18 oz. Heavy Duty Fabric
  • Steel Ballast Chain
  • Grommet Section Ties

Section sizes can feature either 50' or 100' sections with a standard depth of 5 feet. However, curtains are often designed specifically for your project and can come in depths anywhere from 3' to 100'.

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Getting a Type 1 Silt Barrier Quote

In order to prepare your quote, we will need to the following information:

  • Length of Barrier Required
  • Depth Required
  • Any Additional Specifications you Require

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