Silt Barrier Specials

Turbidity Curtains and Marine Accessories

GEI Works is offers a variety of pollution prevention and containment products such as floating turbidity curtains; used on construction sites, job sites, and other marine repair locations. Check out our some of our available turbidity curtains and marine accessories as well as in stock turbidity curtain.

floating silt curtainType 1 Economy Silt Barrier

Price: $529.09

floating silt barrierType 2 DOT Silt Barrier

Price: $943.55

In Stock Turbidity Curtains

GEI Works has 100 x 5 type 1 turbidity curtains and and 50 x 5 type 2 silt curtains in stock and ready to ship to your location! *All Stock Items Subject to Change without Notice* For information regarding silt barriers and accessories, including pricing, please call a product specialist at 772-646-0597 or fill out our Request a Quote Form.

Turbidity Barriers


anchor kits22 lbs. Anchor System

Uses: The ratio of the length of rope vs. the depth of the water body should be a minimum of 3:1. Please verify your anchoring environment with your sales person to ensure correct deployment and performance. Anchors are typically used in moving water to help keep the curtain stable against currents and waves.

Anchor Kit Price: $327.87

Tow Bridle

Note: Tow Bridles help distribute the load of the curtain when towing it out to a location.

Tow Bridle Price: $155.47

Reefing Line

Note: Reefing Lines are used in areas where the bottom depth of the skirt will need to be adjusted (i.e. areas with varying water depths).

Reefing Line Price: $7.62/ft.

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