Silt Barrier for Spawning AreaMade in the USA by GEI Works

Floating Silt Barrier to Use for Fish Farming

silt barrier for spawing area containmentQuestion: I am interested in a silt barrier to protect an area of water where I have fish spawning. Is it possible to have a permeable skirt be attached to the floats?

Answer: While the standard design for our Silt Barrier is created with an impermeable bottom skirt, we can certainly replace this skirt with a permeable fabric option to meet the requirements of your location.

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Permeable Silt Curtain Design

silt barrier curtain for containmentThe design of the permeable silt curtain will typically feature the standard bottom skirt component, but with additional geotextile filter panels along the main portion of the skirt. These panels will installed as a replacement for the impermeable fabric and will allow water to flow through the bottom portion as needed.

The typical material used for this skirt is a woven filter fabric. This fabric will allow water to flow through, while still preventing silt and turbidity from polluting your location. This will provide fresh water flow for the fish, while still protecting them and their eggs. See Typical Permeable Skirt Drawing.

It would be most beneficial to speak with a member of our tech team to assure that you get the the best product for your application. Depending on your water conditions, you may need a different type in order for the curtain to operate correctly.

Additional Silt Barrier Components

In order for these barriers to operate at the highest level in your location, it will be helpful to know more about the water conditions in which you will be using the barrier. Depending on the water speed, wave height and tidal influences in your location, you may need higher strength barrier options that include a bottom chain, tension cable and section connectors.

For more information on all of our barrier options, please check out the Turbidity Curtain Overview. We look forward to working with you and keeping those fish happily spawning!

Questions about silt barrier? We can help. Call us: +1-772-646-0597 or contact us to discuss your project.