Silt Barrier for Drainage DitchMade in the USA by GEI Works

Triton Staked Silt Barrier for Drainage Ditches

Prevent silt build-up in drainage ditches on your site with staked silt barrier. Triton Staked Silt Barrier is made from the same durable yellow PVC material as floating turbidity curtain, but is attached to wood stakes for land-based use.

Staked Silt Barrier for drainage ditchStaked Silt Barrier for Drainage Ditch : Application and Use

Our staked silt barrier is designed specifically for stormwater runoff control and sheet flow control at job sites. It helps to prevent the spread of silt and sediment in water shallower that 30 inches along road side ditches, stormwater swales, and canals. Often implemented as a BMP (Best Management Practices), staked silt barriers meet US DOT requirements for erosion and sediment control.

We manufacture these in 44.5" x 100' rolls—in stock and ready to ship. We can also build to suit.

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Staked Silt Barrier: Simple and Fast Installation

staked silt barrier for stormwater controlInstallation and set up is easy. First, dig a trench along the flow control path, and install wooden stakes. Then, unroll the yellow PVC material and attach it to the stakes. Finally, add backfill to the bottom of the silt barrier to create a runoff seal. Also remember to maintain your staked silt barrier, by clearing out sediment as it accumulates and adjusting the barrier as needed for ongoing effectiveness.

For additional specifications, see Staked Silt Barriers.

Water Runoff Control Options

Other products by GEI Works, to help your site stay in compliance:

See our selection of Standard Black Sitl Fence optionsStandard Silt Fence is similar to a staked silt barrier, but is made from a black permeable geotextile that allows water to filter through the fabric. This is useful in areas where silt control is needed, and water flow does not need to be redirected.

We also manufacture Triton Turbidity Curtain in many standard styles and sizes, with custom solutions availableTriton Type 1 floating turbidity curtain is made from the same PVC material as the staked silt barrier, but is used in deeper waters over 30" to contain silt in a water body and allow time for it to settle to the bottom.

Triton Type 2, 3, Heavy Duty, and Permeable Turbidity Curtain are also available in both standard and custom sizes.

Taurus Ditch Check acts as a mini check dam, filtering stormwater runoff

Our Taurus Ditch Check acts as a mini dam to filter sediment runoff in ditches, stormwater swales, and canals.

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