Sediment Barrier for Construction Sites

Silt Fence for Construction Sites

silt fenceSediment Containment Barriers are one of the easiest ways to control and contain sediment in and around your location. Often used as a barrier around job sites, construction sites or temporary work areas, these barriers help prevent erosion and limit the amount of sediment leaving your site. Models include:

  • Standard Silt Fencing
  • Staked Silt Barriers
  • Wire Backed Silt Fencing
  • Orange Construction Fencing

While all of our models are able to hold sediment, they will vary in terms of their construction and set up. Choosing between the models is often dependant on your site, water flow, and required sediment containment.

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Standard Sediment Barriers

silt fencingThe most commonly used barrier for sediment control and containment is the Standard Sediment Barriers. Constructed from a woven geotextile material, these barriers have been used around drains, sediment piles or construction sites to prevent the spread of items.


  • Robust Fabric: 50 gram, 70 gram or 100 gram
  • Sizing: 3' x 100' Roll Sections
  • Options: Fabric Rolls or Staked Rolls

For increased strength and support in your location, silt fencing is also available in Wired Backed Models. Each barrier will feature the same construction as above, but will include wire backing to increase support and stabilization.

Staked Silt Barrier

staked silt barrierStaked Silt Barrier is a robust alternative for areas dealing with high sheet flow or runoff requirements. Made from strong, impermeable fabric, these barriers work to control and redirect flows off of your site. Staked barriers are commonly used along roads/ditches where small amounts of water are present.


  • Impermeable PVC Fabric
  • Sizing: 44.5" x 100'
  • Capable of Being Staked

Orange Safety Barriers

orange safety fenceOrange Safety Barriers are available in woven or diamond back models for containment around sites or work areas. Unlike standard fencing, these barriers are bright orange in color for increased visibility.


  • Orange Exterior
  • Models: Woven or Diamond Back

Sediment Barriers for Water Locations

For sediment control in water-based areas, a great option would be a floating turbidity barrier. These silt sediment barriers are available in several different styles to control turbidity in different water areas including calm water, mild water conditions, and rough water areas. The silt sediment barrier typically includes the following features:

  • Flotation Device on top for turbidity controlsediment barrier
  • Bottom Skirt for extended control
  • Permeable or Impermeable Fabric
  • Section Connectors

To help choose the barrier that will best fit your location, please use the following list below:

  • Type 1: Calm water applications with almost not water flow, wind or waves.
  • Type 2: Mild water conditions. Typically includes small dredging projects, construction jobs, marine applications, and pile driving.
  • Type 3: Rough water conditions, extended turbidity control, and long-term use.

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