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Silt Control Along a River Bank

Question: I am looking for a river silt barrier I can use during work that is going on along the bank. I need to be able to control any sediment and contain it. What barrier will work best for these conditions?

Silt Curtain for River bank construction projectsAnswer: Thank you for contacting us! For turbidity control in the conditions you have described, a silt barrier would be an excellent choice. These barriers are designed with a flotation device located in the top of the barrier that helps to control displaced sediment on top the surface. This barrier is then equipped with a skirt depth that controls the displaced turbidity below the surface. Barriers typically sit a height just above the ground level, usually about one foot.

Choosing a silt curtain for your location can depend on several different factors including the velocity of your water, the height of the waves, the amount of sediment you need to control, wind conditions in the area, and the duration of your project. Taking all these factors into consideration, a barrier can then be chosen to best meet the conditions on your location

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Type 2 Silt Barrier for Riverside Construction Projects

river silt barrierSince river conditions typically feature a type of flowing water, the Type 2 Silt Barrier is a common choice for control in these locations. These barriers are the medium-duty workhorse of the silt barrier variety and are designed for site conditions where there is a moderate water velocity, moderate waves, and only mild winds.

The Type II Barrier is designed in both a DOT and heavy-duty model. Both models can successfully control turbidity in your area and both can typically be used to meet most state's DOT regulations and standards. The DOT model, also known as the economy barrier, offers a slightly lighter design but still can be used to meet your state's regulations.

Diagram showing proper anchoring of silt barrierTypical River Silt Barrier Design

The silt barrier design includes several different features to help successfully contain all the silt and turbidity in your location. Features include:

Floatation Device: The flotation device is typically sewn or placed into the top layer of fabric to create a solid, reliable, and secure flotation ability. These flotations are made with marine grade materials and vary in size depending on the depth of your curtain.

Connectors: Barrier sections are available in the standard sizes of either 50 or 100 feet in length. As sites often require longer lengths, these barriers are joined together through the use of universal slide connectors and bolt rope reinforced grommet section ties. This helps to secure a barrier system while also allowing your barrier to meet your required lengths.

Bottom Chain: Embedded into the bottom of the river silt barrier is a steel ballast chain. This chain helps to sink the curtain, keeping it the in upright position and helping to control turbidity underneath the surface.

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