Rough Cost for Type 1 Silt Screen Made in the USA by GEI Works

Type 1 Silt Curtain Budget Pricing

Question: How can I get a rough cost for type 1 silt screen? I am preparing a project budget and am trying to get a rough cost. I assume we need a type 1 silt screen. The water is calm. The depth ranges from 2 ft to about 6 or 7 ft We would probably be looking for between 700 to 1500 ft depending on how the excavation is done. For budgeting I am looking at a rough per ft cost.

Answer: As you have mentioned, the Type 1 Silt Screen / Curtain is a common choice for applications involving calm water locations. This silt screen is available in both an economy and DOT model to meet different location requirements. The first thing we would need to know is the type of skirt you are requiring. See the types below for more information.

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  • type 1 silt screenImpermeable Silt Curtains: Standard silt barriers are made with an impermeable skirt that will extend down until about one foot from the floor in your water location. This allows water to pass through the barrier, but is designed to contain most materials to allow for settling.
  • Permeable Silt Curtains:Silt screens may also refer to curtains with an optional permeable skirt that will include geotextile panels throughout the skirt. This allows for water to filter through the skirt.

Most projects will use an impermeable skirt, however, if you are looking for something more permeable, this can also be achieved.

Site Considerations

In order to determine the best option for your project, there is some additional information we would require regarding your site. This includes:

  • Project Information (does your project require a DOT barrier?)
  • Water Speed
  • Wave Heights or Tides
  • Project Duration
  • Type of Silt and Turbidity needing to be Contained

Knowing this information can help us greatly in determining which model of turbidity curtain you require.

Turbidity Curtain Specifications

Knowing the information above can be helpful in determining the best options for your location. The turbidity curtain is an extremely common product used to control silt and turbidity in a wide range of areas. Standard lengths will include the following:

  • 50' Length Section
  • 100' Length Section

A majority of the customers will take these standard sections and combine them together to reach desired lengths.

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