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Use the links to the left or the photos below to navigate your way quickly to the products GEI Works offers for silt barriers, as well as complimentary products. Whether you need turbidity curtain, stormwater BMPs, silt fencing, or MRO supplies, GEI Works can help find a solution to meet your pollution prevention and containment needs.

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Silt Curtain

Turbidity Curtain

Check out our selection of Triton Silt Curtains! Click below to learn more about our our contractor turbidity curtain option!

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Containment Boom

Containment Boom

Need to contain floating debris, plants, or oil? View our line of Orion and Kraken containment and debris boom today!

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Drain Guard

Drain Guards

Are you in need of an effective drain guard solution to block silt and sediment? View our selection of Taurus Drain Guards below.

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