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Turbidity Barrier Comparison

Triton turbidity barrier type 1 for calm waterQuestion: I am looking for a price per linear foot of your type 1 barrier. I read about your type 1 economy and DOT style. What is the difference? I am looking for something to use in my project and I'm not sure how to choose between these two options.

Answer: We would be happy to provide you with some additional information regarding the Type 1 Turbidity Barrier model options. As you have mentioned, the Type 1 is made in both an economy and DOT model to meet different requirements for each location.

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Type 1 DOT and Economy Turbidity Barrier Models

turbidity curtain for bridge projectThe main difference between the Type 1 DOT and the Type 1 Economy is in terms of where it is used. As its name might suggest, the Type 1 DOT is used primarily for projects listed or referenced under the DOT (Department of Transportation).

DOT Type 1 Curtains are built to meet or exceed most state DOT requirements and regulations. Economy curtains, by contrast, may meet some state regulations but are not designed specifically for this application. In terms of design, the main difference between these barriers will be in their fabric and chain. The DOT style will typically include a thicker barrier fabric and a heavier bottom chain to hold up to DOT regulations.

Where to Use a Type 1 Turbidity Barrier

Triton Type 1 Turbidity Barrier for calm waterRegardless of which model you are using, the Type 1 Barrier is designed for applications involving the following conditions:

  • Calm Water Conditions (little to no flows)
  • No Waves
  • No Tides or Water Movement

If you are working with a barrier that is being used in a moving water area, please consider using a Type 2 or Type 3 model for additional strength.

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