Pile Extraction Silt Barrier

Silt Control During Piling Extraction

pile extraction silt barrierThe Pile Extraction Silt Barrier is a uniquely designed barrier equipped to surround pilings as they are extracted from a location. Built as an impermeable sock, these turbidity barriers fit directly around a piling to contain materials immediately surrounding the pile.

How Do Pile Extraction Silt Barriers Work?

On the top of the pile extraction barrier you will see a top section opening. This opening is located in the center of the barrier to allow for the unit to fit directly over the top of the piling. As the pile is extracted the skirt will extend down to cover the depth of the piling. This allows coverage of the entire piling to contain materials and prevent any spreading. See pile extraction silt barrier in action here.

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Typical Pile Silt Barrier Sizing

Top Size
L x W in Feet
Fabric Grade Depth
in Feet
Water Exchange Value
3 x 3 Commercial 10 No Water Exchange Value
3 x 3 Heavy Duty 20 No Water Exchange Value
5 x 5 Commercial 30 No Water Exchange Value
5 x 5 Heavy Duty 50 No Water Exchange Value

Pile Extraction Silt Barrier Features

  • 12" Flotation Log
  • Commercial or Heavy Duty Fabric
  • Bottom Chain
  • Fitting: 2 x 3" Ball Valve with Cam Lock and 90 Bends.
  • T Anchor Points in Top Portion with two grommets

While the sizing above features the standard options offered for this product, we are happy to work with you on custom designs. Regardless of the silt barrier style this product is often designed to meet site specific requirements.

If you do have a specific sizing request, please email us your dimensions or specifications.

Pile Extraction Curtain Installation

pile extraction processThe installation of this silt barrier is designed to be simple, fast and efficient so the pile extraction process is not interrupted. This process can be explained below:

  • Step 1: Clear out the area surrounding the piling/pile.

  • Step 2: Connect the silt protector to the top of the pile. Once the protector is in place begin to remove the piling.

  • Step 3: As the pile is being removed the skirt of the barrier will begin to unroll as the piling comes out of the water. Once the pile has been removed tie off the bottom portion of the barrier for contained transportation to its disposal location.

Other Silt Barrier Options

type 2 silt barrierIn addition to this specialized pile extraction barrier we also offer several standard barriers for controlling silt and turbidity during construction, dredging or pile cleaning projects. Barriers are chosen based on your site conditions, water velocity and more. View all turbidity and silt barriers here.

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