Tidal Compensator for Floating Baffle

FAQ: Do you make aluminum tidal compensators?

tidal compensators are needed for floating baffle and curtain in tidal conditionsQuestion: Hi there, I am looking for a marine grade aluminum tidal compensator. I need 10 individual compensators for 5 sections: 241 ft, 337 ft, 404 ft, 311 ft, and 220 ft. They will be used for a floating baffle installation in a sediment/dredge containment area. Do you have anything like this available? How would it work?

Answer: Good Afternoon! Thanks for contacting us. We are happy to help! GEI Works manufactures both aluminum and stainless steel tidal compensators for floating baffle.

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Tidal Compensators Allow Anchoring to Move with the Tide

Tidal compensators made by GEI WorksGEI Works' tidal compensators consist of a metallic frame with rollers, floats and boom connector that will fit over a standard I Beam (2.3/4" or 4"). Once attached, the compensator rises up and down with the changing water levels. The tidal compensator is designed to operate through attachments to both the barrier and the piling or pier. As the tidal compensator moves up and down with the changing tides, the boom will similarly move up and down to meet changing water conditions and requirements. We offer both a standard model (pictured to the right) and an HD model for exceptionally rough conditions.

The tidal compensator can be used on several different floating barriers including the following:

This has helped many locations to maintain their containment regardless of changing water levels and tides. A choice of boom connectors and other marine accessories are available.

Questions? We can help. Call us: 1-772-646-0597 or contact us to discuss your project.