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FAQ: What's needed for installing turbidity curtain?

anchor installation for turbidity curtainQuestion: What is the recommended method of installing a turbidity curtain in these conditions? Will it require the use of anchors along the barrier? Will I need any special equipment to move the barrier?

Answer: Thank you for contacting us! We would be happy to assist you with typical steps for the turbidity curtain installation. Designed for calm water applications, the Type 1 Silt Barrier can quickly be installed and the process is often done in just a few easy steps.

Please check out the installation information below or view our Turbidity Curtain Installation Guide for more details on how this procedure may be able to work in your location.

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Typical Installation Procedure for the Type 1 Silt Barrier

anchoring is required for the installation of turbidity curtain in calm water

installing turbidity curtainIn calm water, you can usually set the curtain end stakes (anchor points) and simply tow the curtain out. It is important to note that you should be towing the curtain in the furled condition to attach it to the stakes. After this, any additional stakes used to strategically place the turbidity curtain should be installed. Only after these things have been done should you cut the furling lines and allow the curtain to drop.

Please also see our Step by Step Turbidity Barrier Installation Picture Gallery for a visual guide to installation.

If you are looking for installation of a type 2 or type 3 turbidity curtain, you will require some additional equipment including anchors, anchor ties, towing lines, and more. Due to the moving water conditions of the type 2 and type 3 barriers, these curtains will often require additional anchoring points along the barrier to ensure that it can stay in place while currents and waves flow around the location.

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Questions? We can help. Call us: 1-772-646-0597 or contact us to discuss your project.