Inlet Protection

Protection for Curb Inlets

Curb Inlet Protection Guards are an easy way to protect curbside drains during land clearing, construction, maintenance or road repair. Designed to sit directly in front of drains to filter out pollutants from water runoff, these curb inlet guards protect drains while still allowing water to flow into the gutter. Depending on your specific requirements, available inlet protection options include poly gutter guards, filtration gutter logs, and attachment filtration protectors

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Curb Gutter Log Gutter Guard

inlet protectionThe Curb Gutter Log is known for its flexibility and quick installation. Built as a continuous filtration fabric unit, these guards can bend in front of gutters to block sediment, debris and other materials from entering the drain. Best of all, no additional installation materials are required. Fast, easy, and economical, these curb inlet protection logs are the perfect addition to any job site.

Gutter Guard Log Advantages

  • Built-in Overflow Ports
  • Recycled Materials
  • Standard and Extreme Flows
  • Covers the Entire Drain
  • Conforms to Curb Shape


  • 9" dia. x 8' L
    (229 mm dia. x 2,438 mm L)
  • 9" dia. x 10' L
    (229 mm dia. x 3,048 mm L)
  • 9" dia. x 12' L
    (229 mm dia. x 3,658 mm L)

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Curb Gutter Guard Curb Guard Plus

curb guard plusThe Curb Gutter Guard is a great option for areas with high rainfall or water flow. Gutter guards are installed using wedges placed strategically throughout the guard. This helps the guard stay in place protecting the drain and filtering runoff. Helpful features include:

  • Woven Polypropylene Fabric Fabric
  • Installs with Anchoring Wedges Placed Throughout the Log
  • Available Dimensions:
    • 4" dia. x 36" L (102 mm x 915 mm)
    • 4" dia. x 48" L (102 mm x 1,220 mm)

Outside Curb Guard

gutter guardsThe Outside Curb Gutter Guard Plus is a long term option designed to filter sediment while remaining out of way of road traffic and pedestrians. These guards lie flat against the curb to protect drains and filter water flows. Each curb guard is installed using stabilizer arms and counter weight sleeves which are located in the frame and back pocket of the unit. Tie back straps are added if more stabilization is required.

Outside Curb Guard Advantages

  • Fits onto the Exterior of the Drain
  • Metal Frame
  • Inner Filter Materials
  • Tie Back Straps for Securing to Drain

Dimensions Weight
6' L x 6" H
(1,829 mm x 152 mm)
10 lbs.
(4.5 kg)
9' L x 6" H
(2,743 mm x 152 mm)
13 lbs.
(6 kg)
12' L x 6" H
(3,658 mm x 152 mm)
16 lbs.
(7 kg)
15' L x 6" H
(4,572 mm x 152 mm)
20 lbs.
(9 kg)
Counterweight Dimensions: 14" L x 1 1/2" dia.
(356 mm x 38 mm dia.)
7 lbs.
(3 kg)

Curb and Inlet Protection Guard Advantages

Inlet Protection Guards are the perfect way to block debris, silt, sediment, and various other materials from entering your curb drain. Quick and easy to install, these guards are an easy way to stay in compliance with NPDES, 40 CFR 122.26 (1999) and TMDL requirements.

  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Easy to Install
  • Contain Filtering Properties to Prevent Pooling or Flooding
  • Reusable

When looking for protection along curb gutters, a frequent concern is that the protection guards will block the curb completely and cause pooling or flooding. To prevent this from occurring, inlet drain guards feature overflow ports, filtering material, and lowered exteriors that will allow water to continually flow into the drain.

Drain Markers and Stormwater Sampling kits can be useful assets to BMP's curb protection projects.

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