Silt Fence

Silt Fence for Erosion Control

silt fenceQ: I need a silt fence, and I am looking for some information regarding how the silt fence is constructed. What materials do you make these fences out of?

Answer: We do offer an Erosion Control Fence. The standard design of the fence will include a woven geotextile material that is staked at regular intervals throughout the barrier. These barriers are perfect for locations such as construction sites, erosion control areas and more. We also offer other options for silt fence, to suit your project's requirements.

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Silt Fence Construction Components

wire back silt fenceConstruction of the silt fence includes materials designed to retain sediment and filter runoff. Components of the fence will commonly include the following:

  • Woven Geotextile Filter Material
  • Stakes (Commonly wooden stakes, but may also include metal posts)
  • Wire Back Fence Options

Models for the silt fence will typically include a standard containment design, as well as a wire back silt fence option. Wire back fences can provide additional containment and strength on your site.

Silt Fence Applications

In general, the silt fence is designed for silt and sediment control along the perimeter of a construction site or building location. The fence can be used to control erosion, stop sediment, and filter stormwater materials from your site. When determining if this is the type of barrier you require, the best optionis to examine the drainage from your site. The silt fence is typically designed for relatively small drainage areas where the runoff does not exceed 0.5 cfs.

staked silt barrierIf you are dealing with a location that has a flow that exceeds this amount, you may want to instead consider using something like the Staked Silt Barrier. Rather than a silt filter fabric, this barrier will use impermeable materials to control large water flows in your location.

Questions? We can help. Call us: 1-772-646-0597 or contact us to discuss your project.