Heavy Duty Turbidity Barrier Snap Hook

Snap Hook Connector for Turbidity Barrier

snap hookQuestion: How does the snap hook work with the heavy duty turbidity barrier? Are there other connectors that help connect multiple barriers together?

Answer:The Heavy Duty Turbidity Barrier Snap Hook works with our Type 2 and the Type 3 Turbidity Barriers. See below for more information about attaching the snap hook and our other connection options.

Attaching the Snap Hook

Located along the bottom portion of a Type 2 or Type 3 Turbidity Barrier, there should be two separate connector options: A bottom snap hook located on one end of the section and a steel ring located on the opposite side of the section. When joining these barriers together during an installation process, you will want to make sure the snap hook from one section attaches directly to the steel ring of the adjoining section. This helps secure multiple sections of the barrier together for reliable installation and containment.

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Turbidity Barrier Connection Options

turbidity barrier slide connectorsIn addition to connecting the bottom snap hook, there are also two other connection options designed to help align and connect multiple sections of turbidity barrier. These will include:

  • Aluminum Slide Connectors: These slide connectors will slide together to join two sections of a barrier together. Once together, a toggle pin can be inserted for added strength.
  • Grommet Eyes: Additionally, most barrier will contain grommet eyes located around the barrier. Two grommet eyes can be aligned and connected together through rope or zip ties.

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