Floating Silt Curtains

Type 1 Silt Barrier for a Shallow Lake

Triton Type 1 floating silt curtainsQuestion: I am in need of floating silt curtains for a bid I'm doing in a small, shallow lake. I think I will need a type 1 silt barrier but I'm not sure. Can you help? If so, what is the smallest depth you have available since my lake is only about five feet deep?

Qnswer: Thank you for contacting us! The silt barrier type required is typically determined by a couple of different factors including your area and water conditions. The Type 1 Silt Barrier would be a good choice for your location if the water in your lake is calm. The type 1 barrier is designed for calm water turbidity control applications where there are limited waves, water movement, and wind.

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Type 1 Floating Silt Curtains Information

type 1 silt barrierThis type of silt curtain is available in both a DOT and economy version. The DOT silt barrier is designed for applications that require a barrier to meet or exceed state Department of Transportation requirements. If your job does not require a barrier that meets these standards and your job is not demanding, the economy barrier can be an economical alternative.

Standard features for both of these barriers include:

  • Marine Grade Flotations: These flotation devices are typically 6" in diameter, although the size can vary based on the depth of your silt barrier. These flotations fit inside the top of your barrier to allow protection above the water.
  • Galvanized Steel Ballast Chain: The galvanized steel ballast chain is located at the bottom of the silt barrier and helps keep the barrier vertical during the course
    of your project.
  • PVC Fabric: Barriers are often made using a reinforced impermeable PVC fabric. This helps contain your silt and sediment to prevent contaminated objects from spreading.
  • Depth: These silt barriers can be built to a depth anywhere from 3 to 100 feet. Since you have mentioned that your lake is shallow, the best choice would probably be one of our lower depth barriers such as the three foot or four foot. In general, the barriers are usually designed to sit one foot above the floor of your water area.
  • Length: The standard length for a silt barrier section is either 50 or 100 ft. These sections are then connected together to form various required barrier lengths.

With any of our floating silt curtains, custom sizes and specifications can be accomodated if required by your job.

If the water conditions in your lake include waves or tidal action, please consider using our Type 2 Floating Silt Curtain for moving water conditions.

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