Permanent Floating Boom

Debris Containment Boom

permanent floating boomA Floating Boom barrier is a long-term solution to control floating particles such as debris, litter, logs and plastic. Constructed from high-strength PVC or Urethane belting, these marine booms are equipped for extended use in marinas, harbors, rivers, ponds, lakes or other water areas.

Standard debris belting features molded polyethylene flotations along the entire length of the boom. Containment boom sections are available in sizes of either 50 or 100 feet and can be joined together to reach required lengths.

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Floating Boom Technical Specifications

Boom Material
PVC or Urethane Coated Polyester Belting
Typical Length
50' or 100'
Overall Height
18", 24", 36" or 48"
Molded Polyethylene Shell
Ballast Chain
Galvanized Steel Weights

*Alternate Sizes and Material are Available for this Product. View the Permanent Trash Boom PDF for more information.

**Orange Urethane PTMEG Belting Fabric is also Available for High Visibility

These durable floating booms are OPA 90 compliant and can be used with skimmers, pumps, harvesters, and more. In order to provide a high level of strength in your location, each component is designed for specific purposes to help with containment.

  • High Impact Bolt-On Floats: These floats have been molded along the barrier to allow the boom to remain floating while stationed in the water.

  • Ballast Chain: At the bottom of these barriers is a lead weight or chain ballast that stations the barrier vertically in the water.

  • Section Connectors: To create the length of boom that is needed for your particular location, sections are connected through marine grade ASTM connectors. The tensile strength of these barriers is 1500 pounds per inch of height.

Permanent Debris Boom Barrier Applications

This permanent boom barrier can be used in many different applications to control the flow of debris and aquatic plants. A containment boom is commonly used to contain the following:

Booms can also be installed in a specific way to allow for debris and trash to naturally float up into a collection area.

Questions? We can help. Call us: 1-772-646-0597 or contact us to discuss your project.