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Type 2 Contractor and DOT Silt Curtains USA Made

type 2 contractor silt barrier
Our floating silt barriers are the perfect way to control and contain silt, turbidity, sediment and floating particles. Designed in several different strengths and models, these floating barriers contain silt until it is allowed to settle down to the bottom of a water area. Models shown here are our Triton Type 2 Contractor and DOT silt barriers. These models are ideal for short term projects in moving water areas with currents, waves and tides. We also offer heavy duty models.

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Type 2 Floating Barrier Typical Specifications

Type 2 Contractor
Type 2 DOT
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Installation Instructions (pdf)


4" Float

6" Float (≤ 10')
8" Float (≤ 20')
13 oz. Impermeable PVC
18 oz. Impermeable PVC
Section Connectors
Top Stress Plate
Top Stress Plate
Bottom Connector
Corner Stress Plates
Corner Stress Plates
1/4" Steel Ballast Chain
5/16" Steel Ballast Chain
Standard Length
50' or 100'
50' or 100'
3' to 10'
3' to 20'
15.2 m or 30.5 m
15.2 m or 30.5 m
0.9 m to 30.5 m
0.9 m to 30.5 m

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Note for ALL Salt Water Areas:

Any time you are implementing a floating silt barrier in salt water oceans or lakes, it is recommended that your floating barrier feature Stainless Steel Cables and Zinc Anode Components. These components offer a higher resistance to corrosion, common with extended salt water use.

Dealing with a Short Term Project? Working with a Tight Project Budget? Standard galvanized components will work in salt water areas for a period up to 12 months.

Additional Type 2 Models:

For short term control in moving water areas, Type 2 curtains are also available in a contractor and DOT grade model. These curtains feature an impermeable 13 oz. or 18 oz. fabric for effective containment around your job or construction site.

Additional Products for Anchoring & Installation:

Floating Silt Barrier Accessores (PDF) - Protect your floating barriers!
Anchor Kits: Anchor, Painter Rope, Buoy
Tow Bridle: Helps Distribute Weight during Towing
Reefing Lines: Adjust the Bottom Curtain
Tidal Compensator: Self-Adjust Booms in Tidal Areas

Type 2 Floating Barriers for Long Term Projects

For many projects and locations, having a higher strength curtain is essential to keeping the barrier in position during extended use. In extended use applications, Type 2 HD and Type 2 HD Permeable can be a more reliable option. Made from a fabric with increased strength, these curtains are able to accommodate pressure from dredging projects, construction projects, shoreline repair and more.


  • Type 2 HD (Heavy Duty) Curtain
  • Type 2 HD (Heavy Duty) Permeable Curtain

When compared to contractor grade curtains, HD models offer a couple of added strength options.

  1. Fabric: 13 oz/18 oz vs. 22 oz- The first difference between contractor and HD models is in terms of fabric. HD models will feature a minimum 22 oz. fabric to retain strength in moving water locations.

  2. Top Connector: Top Stress Plate vs. Bulk Connector- The second different between these models is the top connector. HD models use a higher strength universal bulk connector. This is able to accommodate increased loads and stress.

Additional Models

We make Floating Barriers with options and models to accommodate water conditions that range from calm water to fast water. Additional models include Type 1, Type 2, and Type 3 barriers. For our complete product line, please see Floating Turbidity Curtains.

While silt barriers come in standard sizes and lengths, they are also extremely adaptable. If you have a project with specific requirements, please don't hesitate to let us know. Curtains have been made with depths as short as three feet (3') and as long as one hundred feet (100').

GEI Works, formerly GEI Works, is committed to finding the right solution for your project. We work with customers to find the best silt curtain model for your location. We work closely with contractors, engineers, owners, regulators and citizen groups to provide comprehensive and state of the art erosion prevention and turbidity control solutions.


Questions? We can help. Call us: 1-772-646-0597 or contact us to discuss your project.