Floating Silt Fence

Type 1 DOT Floating Silt Curtain

floating silt fenceQuestion: I am looking for 2,200 feet of Type 1 Floating Silt Fence to meet South Dakota Department of Transportation (DOT) specs. Do you have any in stock? How much is the cost? How do I know what kind of depth is required for the barrier?

Answer: Yes, we offer a Type 1 DOT Floating Silt Curtain that can be used to control silt and turbidity in calm water locations. These floating silt and turbidity curtains (also commonly known as the floating silt fence) are a great option for turbidity control and has been used in several different calm water applications.

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Floating Silt Fence Sizing and Specifications

floating silt curtainFor pricing on silt curtains, we would first need to know what kind of depth your location is requiring. Standard depths for the turbidity curtain are in lengths of five feet. However, because the depth of the curtain is often dependant on your location, skirts can range in length anywhere from three feet to 100 feet. Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding the depth of these curtains and how they can be determined for your location.

The Triton Type 1 Turbidity Barriers are designed for calm water applications and offered in both an economy and DOT model. Since you mentioned needing this for DOT applications, you will most likely require the Department of Transportation model. This model is built to meet or exceed most DOT or state requirements.

Typical specifications for the Triton Type 1 DOT Curtain includes:

  • 6" Marine Grade Flotation
  • Grommet Section Ties
  • Steel Ballast Chain
  • Impermeable PVC Fabric

All turbidity curtains regardless of type are often manufactured specifically to accommodate the needs of our customers. Our in stock items will vary depending on the time and needs of your project. Please feel free to contact us to find out in-stock products, lead times, and availability on the size and depth that you require.

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