Floating Fence to Keep Oil Out

Containment Booms for Oil Made in the USA by GEI Works

Question: I am looking for a floating silt fence to be installed in a wetland area with mangroves. The purpose of the barrier is to keep oil out of the protected area in the slow moving river. A permanent fixture wasn't required.oil containment booms

Answer: Thank for you for contacting us! Since you are looking for something to help with the containing oil, you will want to use an Oil Containment Boom rather than a silt fence. While a silt fence works to contain silt, sediment, and turbidity, the oil boom is specifically designed to help with containing oil in the event of spill.

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Oil Containment Boom Options

To help with an oil spill cleanup applications, there are two different types of booms you could consider.

Standard Containment Booms

The best option for your application will most likely feature one of our Containment Booms. These booms feature a similar design to a silt fence, but will have a shorter skirt and will contain components capable of handling oil.

These booms will be similarly chosen based on your water conditions with different options available for moving, open, and calm water. Features include:

  • Bottom Chain
  • Draft
  • Freeboard
  • Top Floatation
  • Impermeable Material

Oil booms can be stored around your facility and deployed during times of need. Booms are designed to contain oil while cleanup efforts are underway.

Absorbent Oil Boom

absorbent boomIn addition to the boom above, we also offer an absorbent boom that can be used as both an oil containment boom and absorbent. These booms are designed for small temporary containment applications and contain qualities that allow the boom to absorb oil without getting bogged down with water.


Questions? We can help. Call us: 1-772-646-0597or contact us to discuss your project.