Affixing Oil Boom to a Pier

Tidal Compensators for Oil BoomMade in the USA by GEI Works

Question: We would like to affix an oil boom to a pier near a marina to try and keep oil and pollution contained, however we are concerned about the tides coming in and breaking the boom. Do you have any recommendations?

Answer: We agree the tides would be a concern when trying to affix an Oil Boom to a pier. To help with boom placement in these conditions, we offer a Tidal Compensator for moving water conditions. There are both standard and HD models available.

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Tidal Compensator Features

Features for the tidal compensator include the following: tidal compensators for boom

  • Fabric: Stainless Steel or Marine Grade Aluminum
  • Frame
  • Rollers
  • Floats
  • Boom Connector

All connectors are designed to fit over a standard I-beam (2 3/4" or 4").

The main difference between the standard and HD models is the orientation of the wheels within the roller bracket. The HD tidal compensator offers a sturdier connection for particularly rough conditions.

Tidal Compensator Applications

The tidal compensator has been used for several different applications, including attachment to docks, piers, and pilings. This has helped with containment applications using several types of barriers including:

  • Turbidity Curtains
  • Oil Containment Booms
  • Debris Booms

Additional available accessories include a tow bridle for help towing the barrier out to your location and anchoring systems to help keep your boom in place in moving waters. Learn more about the Tidal Compensator.

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