Erosion Control Silt Fence Made in the USA by GEI Works

Silt Fence Materials and Installation

erosion control silt fenceQ: I am looking for an erosion control silt fence. I would like to know how these materials can be installed?

A: The Silt Fence is a common choice for erosion or sediment control on construction sites, along roads, or in various other areas that are undergoing maintenance. These silt fences are typically installed using stakes (not supplied with product) that line the fence and allow it to remain installed throughout its length.

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Silt Fence Installation

erosion control silt fenceWhen installing this fence, the first step is make sure the area for placement of this fence is prepared. The silt fence is recommended for areas that have a small drainage area or where there is a low-level shallow flow. They should not be used in areas with a flow that exceeds 0.5 cfs.

The placement of the barrier should allow for a height between 16 to 34 inches above the grade (ground level). Placement usually involves creating a trench that will allow the fence to sit approximately six inches below the ground surface. Backfill should then be added along the bottom of the fence for extra support.

Silt Fence Material

The best option for installation is to use a continuous roll of fabric so that there is not gaps within the fence. If you are not using a continuous roll, make sure there is an overlap of six inches between sections.

Silt Fence Stakes

The following is a typical guideline for choosing stakes. All stakes for these fences are sold separately and can be chosen based on preference or site requirements.

  • Wooden Stakes: A wooden stake material may include oak or various other softer wood fabrics.
    • Oak Stakes: Should be at least 5 feet long and 2 inches in diameter
    • Softer Stakes: Should be at least 4 inches in diameter and 5 feet long

  • Metal Post: A metal post may also be used instead of wood, but require a minimum weight of 1 to
    1.33 lbs/linear foot.

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