Price for Silt Curtain Made in the USA by GEI Works

Silt Curtain Pricing Information

Question: Hi, I am working on a project. The EPA has asked if I can give them a rough price for some silt curtain that will be installed in 20 feet of water in a river. They require a type 2 silt curtain. I will be installing pilings around the area for the curtain to attach to. I was going to drive them every 100 feet and put an anchor in between them, will that be OK?

Answer: Thank you for asking. We have two different styles available:

Both silt curtains are DOT compliant for use along roads or other driving areas, but the heavy duty silt curtain will offer additional strength to hold up to more demanding water conditions.

Silt Curtain Anchoring Options

type 2 silt barrierIn regard to your anchoring question, anchoring is dependant on the water flow and tidal
conditions in your area. If you have a calm water flow and limited tidal influences, you may space the anchors every 100 feet as you have suggested. If, instead, you have a fast water flow from two directions (current, waves) and tidal changes, we recommend dual anchors or anchoring every 50 feet.

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