Drain Protection

Stormwater Filter and Drain Seals

Drain protection covers are one of the easiest solutions to polluted storm water runoff and discharge from your project. Great for any construction site, facility, or storage area, the storm drain cover protects a drain system by filtering and removing unwanted particles before they flow into the drain. This helps to keep systems clean and sites in compliance.

Addressing the needs of spill and construction areas, storm drain protection is available for either filtering or sealing. Stormwater filter covers work well in areas with high water flows, while drain seals are ideal for locations that need to completely block off access to the drain for short periods of time.

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Storm Drain Protection Options

Taurus Over Grate Drain Cover

over grate filterThe patented Taurus Over Grate Drain Filter is an easy option for drain protection in your location. Over Grate Filters are constructed from permeable monofilament geotextile fabric that filters out debris and unwanted sediment. The patented design also has an overflow window made from bi-planar diamond mesh. The main advantage of the grate cover is its easy placement on top of the drain without having to remove the grate. This is achieved through a patented fastening system. Our design is covered under U.S. Patent No. 10,053,383 B2.

Taurus Storm Drain Cover Specifications

Standard Dimensions Filter Options
20" x 20"
24" x 24"
28" x 28"
36" x 24"
36" x 36"
42" x 28"
48" x 36"
48" x 48"
Hi Visibility with Window
Hi Visibility with No Window
Low Visibility with Window
Low Visibility with No Window
Taurus Over Grate Filter Product Flyer
Taurus Over Grate Installation Instructions

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Taurus Under Grate Filter

under grate filterThe Taurus Under Grate Stormwater Filter fits securely underneath storm drains and grates to catch any debris, sediment, and insects from stormwater runoff and liquid spills. The street-sweeper friendly design is easy to install and clean. The heavy duty filtration fabric and overflow ports allow water to flow through even during times of increased flow rate. The nylon straps can withstand thousands of pounds of pressure, so the stormwater filter is only limited by the space in the hopper.

Taurus Under Grate Filter Standard Sizes*

FDOT Sizes Other Sizes*
26" x 40"
28" x 36"
36" x 53"
40" x 54"
24" x 36"
48" x 36"
54" x 42"
60" x 60"
Taurus Under Grate Filter Product Flyer
Taurus Under Grate Filter Installation Instructions

Drain Seals

drain sealsThe best option for short-term drain protection is the stormwater control drain seal. These seals are made from a polyurethane material and stick directly to the tops of drains. This allows the item to seal to the drain, preventing water, debris, or oil from entering the system.

The high-strength seals are great for multi-purpose use and can be cleaned by using only soap and water. The seal is designed specifically for short-term projects and is not recommended for use that exceeds 2 hours.

Drain Seal Specifications

Dimensions Weight
18" x 18" x 3/8"
(458 mm x 458 mm x 10 mm)
5 lbs.
(2.5 kg)
24" x 24" x 3/8"
(610 mm x 610 mm x 10 mm)
8 lbs.
(3.5 kg)
36" x 36" x 3/8"
(915 mm x 915 mm x 10 mm)
20 lbs.
(9 kg)
42" x 42" x 3/8"
(1,067 mm x 1,067 mm x 10 mm)
23 lbs.
(10.5 kg)
48" x 48" x 3/8"
(1,220 mm x 1,220 mm x 10 mm)
36 lbs.
(17 kg)
54" x 54" x 3/8"
(1,372 mm x 1,372 mm x 10 mm)
41 lbs.
(18.5 kg)

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Drain Filter Cover

drain protectionThe flexible drain protection filter cover is a permeable filter fabric designed to help with the filtration of debris, silt, sediment, and other materials. Built with an overflow port that helps prevent flooding, these guards are a safe, economical, and an easy way to filter water in your location.

The storm drain cover features a one-size-fits-all design that allows the grate cover to work in multiple areas and locations.

  • Woven Polypropylene Material
  • Installs Without Having to Move Grate
  • One Size Fits All
  • Built-in Overflow Port
  • Fits Drains up to 48" x 59" (1,220 mm x 1,499 mm)

Drain Filter Cover Specifications

Fits Drains up to 48" x 59" (1,220 mm x 1,499 mm)
Curb-Style for Combination Drains
Fits Grates up to 48" x 54" (1,220 mm x 1,372 mm)
Curb Inlets 22" - 35" (559 mm x 889 mm)

Curb-Style for Combination Drains
Fits Grates up to 54" x 60" (1,372 mm x 1,524 mm)
Curb Inlets 36" - 60" (915 mm x 1,524 mm)

Stormwater BMPs

In addition to the drain protection covers featured here, we also offer several additional stormwater BMP options for drains, curbs, and gutters:

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